Sifu Chris combines years of experience and understanding of the Wing Chun system with a calm, measured teaching style which adapts to the ability and requirements of each student. Under his instruction the system is interesting to learn, and in no time you see how effective it can be.
— Zac Turner, Chelsmford

Chris has been training me for around 6 months and I have been fortunate to get one on one tuition. I originally became interested in Wing Chun through my own training and didn’t want to pursue boxing or Thai boxing beyond the age of 40. The thing that interested me in Wing Chun was it required a whole new skill set of close quarters striking and defence. Chris gave me a session and I immediately liked his style of teaching.

Rather than just ‘another martial art’, Chris teaches it as high level problem solving. So he helps you understand why you are doing things, otherwise you will get hurt! Nothing is for show and Chris doesn’t teach you things which serve no purpose in the real world. He’s a passionate and knowledgeable teacher and provides a thoroughly enjoyable experience during our sessions.
— Chris Laing, Harlow