Episode IV: A New Home

Apologies for the terrible geek pun, but it just seemed too good an opportunity to pass up.

After four moderately successful months based at the Paringdon Social club, I have spend most of the holiday weekend here in the UK setting up in what will be our new, permanent home.  It took some negotiation and some waiting on others to get their lives sorted out, but finally it all came together on Tuesday!
Which meant that I've been painting, cleaning, framing and hefting a jong around.

For me and my students, this is fantastic news. We have what is essentially our own, dedicated space.  We have a jong, all bags and (shortly) a shrine to set the atmosphere off and create the correct mindset.
Also, this means that I can offer more classes during the week (Mondays and Wednesdays from May 9th and we have a great space for private tuition.
As we continue to strengthen and grow the school we will be able to offer weekend classes>

Next steps will be to repaint the final purple wall (the first one took six coats!) and hopefully towards the end of the year, cover the rubber floor with engineered wood.

Why not come down, Monday and Wednesday evenings and try a free taster session.  Wing Chun may be just what you need in your life!